I'm Katie and here's a little bit about me...

Since I was a young girl, I have always been fascinated by nature, often spending large amounts of time alone outdoors, building dens, playing in rivers and inquisitively searching out wildlife. This was my happy place.


Now I am older, I still enjoy the outdoors whenever I can, but with life often being so busy, connecting with my passion for creativity helps me to escape.


My watercolour paintings are an expression of my love for all things natural. I enjoy focusing on animals, vegetables, fruit and flowers. I love the imperfections of homegrown fruit and veg and for me, they represent imperfections of humans and everyday life.


I enjoy working into my paintings with fine detail to create texture and expression. I use bright colours against plain backgrounds to focus the eye on the subject. Choice of colour is extremely important as bright vivid colours represent fresh and healthy food and plants. Whereas for the animals, the colours are chosen to represent the animals energy and spirit.


My Work 


Come and Check out my art in person at the Stamford artist market on the 2nd of June! 

It starts at 11. Hope to see you there!

Love Katie 


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